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About One Billion Youth For Peace Campaign.

It was a coincidence that on 24th day of August, 2019, during the URI Youth Assembly at Karickam International Public school, a humble beginning of a process started; the process of a beautiful transformation. It has immense implications in saving humanity from the verge of total annihilation. By now we have received encouraging note to take the campaign to reach as many educational institutions as possible.

Our goal is to enrol one billion youth as peace ambassadors in a course of ten years . We will help them take the following pledge:

We__________________________________________________________________________________ (name of school/college/association) hereby assert that we will work tirelessly and always for lasting peace in the whole world. We plead all nuclear powers to deactivate all nuclear weapons, so that our earth will not be destroyed by accident or by human knowledge. Our dream is to see a world free of all weapons of all kinds so that posterity can inherit a peaceful earth where all live in serenity and soundness forever.

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Cosmic Community Centre has been present for over 25 years.

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About Cosmic Community Centre (CCC)

Cosmic Community Centre is a reputed NGO serving since 2000 as a catalyst of peace. It is registered under the Society’s Act, vide Reg. No. Q 632/04. It is governed by an executive body having 13 members from a wide a range of varied skills and service experience in the fields of education, humanity, arts, public & private services, etc.

It is functioning as one of URI Cooperation Circles and the regional hub of URI. The CCC seeks to build a community where peace and harmony prevails. Its primary motive is to end religiously motivated violence and to work for the healing of the earth and all living beings.

The Cosmic Community Centre, has become like a mother organization for several other groups that are drawn to the same ideals. Major activities include promotion of Interfaith Students’ Movements in schools and colleges, peace building programs, celebrations of UN Interfaith Harmony Week and UN International Day of Peace, Holy Books Conferences at regular intervals, publication of Books, Publication of the journal Interfaith Link , disaster management and community preparedness for disaster risk reduction, response and so on. We encourage a lot of activities for the protection of the environment also. International Peace Research Institute (IPRI) is an important wing of our organization.

The Cosmic Community Centres’ aims and objectives are:-

  • To serve as a national, non-governmental organization in India, in order to proclaim all humanity as children of one God, to promote dialogue, peace, communal Harmony and social and spiritual well being of all people irrespective of their religion, caste, colour or creed.
  • To conduct and assist studies on various religions and burning social and global issues like poverty, hunger, nuclear proliferation, justice and world peace.
  • To establish a Community Centre for the above said purposes and to undertake different training programs.
  • To establish contact with or affiliate with other organizations national and international with similar objects and to aid, assist, guide, organize and co-ordinate all such activities.
  • To bring the notice of the public, the activities of the society and further to start a Study Centre of International repute and to publish monographs, periodicals, journals, reviews, papers and other literature either free of cost or no profit-no loss basis in furtherance of the objects of the society.
  • To accept, hold or administer any gifts, donations or contributions in kind or money and whether upon trust or not, to undertake and execute project which may be deemed
  • To facilitate study exchange programs in co-operation with other related organizations.